*STILL UNPACKING* I started out on tumblr. I created this wordpress blog to better reach folks not logged into tumblr and to publish longer posts – a less popular format there. A good chunk of the content appears in both places. Soon the wordpress site will have longer “articles” while tumblr has additional original photography, videos, and my favorite reblogs. Partial to mushrooms, streams and campfires. Thirtysomething cat mom from Missouri.

Q: Why blog?

I’ve been exploring the outdoors for decades and I have all these wonderful pictures and stories I don’t often get to share outside a select group of friends. I want to spark your interest in nature. 

Q: What do you blog about?

Major categories include: missouri-nature, us-nature, aboutme, caturday, off-topic-tuesday

  • Mostly 75%missouri-nature
  • Some 20%us-nature and aboutlraquel
    • my travels
    • light hearted personal thoughts
  • A Little 5%catz and off-topic-tuesday
    • Behold my cat, #beanthebengal
    • Any fluffy topic I think is cool from sushi to scif.

Q: What’s your background?

I went to school for science teaching. I didn’t spend much time in a formal classroom. Instead, I have a career in community education and outreach related to environmental topics.  I work outside sometimes and play outside a lot.

Q: Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek. The Star Trek universe is more diverse and open, it has room to course correct. It allows for varying stories with different tones and perspectives.   Something went wrong when They tried to explain the force with science midichlorians but didn’t really give it rules.  Kylo Ren was pretty cool, and Daisy Ridley could have been fine with the right plotline. But come on you guys, she’s Palpatine’s daughter AND he’s still alive…whatever.

But you know what, I still loved watching those Star Wars films in the theater. I liked Reylo – hush, just let me like it.  But, Star Wars as a whole strives to be a tight story about one family and their fight against one dude. Choosing that path limited storytelling thus highlighting imperfect narrative choices.