peep-peep grabby toes

Hyla species

Admire the adorably grabby toes of this gray tree frog. In Missouri we have two types: Cope’s gray tree frog, or “regular” gray tree frog.

This little dude’s toes have adhesive mucus along with specialized mini dimpled, pillar-like structures that provide added friction for climbing.

This one doesn’t feel very regular to me. However, it’s so hard to tell them apart by appearance you have to distinguish them by their calls. Even their tadpoles are doppelgangers. Learn more about Hyla frog species here.

Pseudacris crucifer

My friend holds a spring peeper. She found this tiny amphibian on our night hike about a week ago. Named for their high pitched whistle-like calls that are VERY LOUD compared to their minute size. Listen here .

Their songs have been recorded at a volume of 90 decibels, 50 centimeters from the frog. The ladies enjoy being serenaded. The louder and faster the male can trill, the greater the likelihood she’ll fall in love.

Happy Frog Friday!

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