boiled acorns

This year, I struck out on my hen hunt. Instead, I collected, cooked and consumed acorns.  I followed the Farmer’s Almanac instructions. Too bad I’m impatient. Next time, I’m making flour out of this wild edible. 

Boiled then roasted acorns taste like they look – exploded beans with a tasteless crunchy coating. I urge you to learn from my mistake and consider cold leaching instead. 


In order to get these tasty treats to the point of consumption I went through a few steps.


I was not patient. Some dry their nuts first. I did not. I cracked them open and dug out their insides. 


Leaching out tannins. It’s recommended to rotate the nuts between pots of water to keep the process going quickly. It took a looooooooong time for the water to be not brown. 

Anyways….I still have three bags of acorns left. I’ll let you know if I make pancakes one day. 


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