mudbug momma

Probable devil crayfish with her hatchlings. I found her sharing my trail, next to a shallow pound today. I sent my pics to a Naturalist friend for more info. Apparently she’s a burrower that is rarely seen, likely flooded out of her underground lair by the melting snow. 

After snapping a few shots on my cell phone I put her right back down! Promise. I like to imagine she’s safely burrowing a new home tonight or perhaps hiding in the shallow pond reeds…


I got a little video here. More info on devil crayfish, Cambarus diogeneshere.


    • So, I looked up “feeding baby crayfish”. Turns out, Crawfish can be introduced as soon as baby is ready for solids!!! LOL.

      Seems like they baby crayfish just eat detritus that gets passed to them from their foraging mom.


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