doppelganger frogs

Admire the adorably grabby toes of this gray tree frog. In Missouri we have two types: Cope’s gray tree frog, or “regular” gray tree frog.

This one doesn’t feel very regular to me…However, it’s so hard to tell them apart by appearance you have to distinguish them by their calls. Even their tadpols are doppelgangers. Learn more about Hyla frog species here.


I don’t usually get to see such adorable froggies in my yard. I feel they hide from all the human activity. Usually, I come across American toads on my sidewalks during evening strolls. Another toughie to distinguish. Fowler’s toads look almost identical. But don’t worry, you can tell them apart by the number of bumps on their dark spots…lolz…Sometimes this is easier said than done. Check out this picture of a maybe American toad I took a few years ago. Can you tell what type of toad it is?

Happy Frog Friday!

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