a very lovely lady

The aptly named black and yellow garden spider, Argiope aurantiaspins a complex zig-zagy web. The ornate pattern called the stabelmentum *might* be created to prevent birds from flying into the web. How thoughtful! 

A rather impressive stabelmentum YouTube video I have nothing to do with. 

I took her picture in 2018 near Warren County MO. You know she’s a female from the larger amount of yellow displayed in her pattern. Boys are not as radiant or voluptuous.

While stalking spring peepers this week, I stumbled across a very crabby crab spider. I sent her portrait off to one of my favorite bug IDers on tumblr. But even Mr.OneNiceBugPerDay couldn’t narrow down her exact species due to lack of specific markings.

Crab spiders don’t use webs to catch their dinner. Instead, they sit and wait in flowers, pouncing on unsuspecting nectar seekers. Some crabby spider prey species have learned to avoid this arachnid’s favorite floral hangouts. COOL!

I know she’s a lady by her yellowish color and curvy figure. Still waving her tiny angry arm in my general direction, I bid her adieu.

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