have you ever met anyone famous?

The thing where I answer questions off this list so you can get to know me.

My favorite experience was a workshop I took from Eugenia Bone. She is a well known food writer. We made roasted mushrooms and I learned that the fastest way to botulism poisoning is eating days-old garlic in olive oil.  Here is a pic of the actual food we made with Eugenia. It was one of the best mushie dishes I’ve ever had.

I’m also a con goer. I’ve met tons of celebrities but I’ve had to pay a hefty ticket price. 

My friends and I ran into Jackson Public and Doc Hammer outside the San Diego Convention Center. My friends got pics. I thought they were anime cosplayers, in costume. Later, I was informed they were not, like at all. 

Seth Green scared the crap out of me on an escalator.

We were moving in opposite directions on adjacent giant escalators. I thought I recognized him and was kind of staring. He reach pretty far out and grabbed my arm and said something like, “that’s Seth Green”. 

Jonathan Frakes danced with me, for like 4 seconds. I was in line to get a pic with Leonard Nimoy. A few other celebrities walked through the line and started interreacting with all us determined fans. It was my turn for pics, and Frakes walked in front of me and we did that thing where you go right, then left, then right again, like “you wanna dance?”. So he grabbed my hands and actually danced with me. 

What was your first job?

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