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It’s a Tuesday so that means I can talk about nerd stuff. #off-topic-tuesday

The Star Trek universe is more diverse and open. It allows for varying stories with different tones and perspectives. Plus, if you f-up one episode or movie you haven’t killed the entire mojo of the franchise. Something went wrong when They tried to explain the force with science midichlorians, and then proceeded to make it super magical in the latest movies, only to watch the pendulum swing back in Mandalorian. Kylo Ren was pretty cool, and Daisy Ridley could have been fine with the right plotline. But come on you guys, she’s Palpatine’s daughter AND he’s still alive…whatever.

And you know the middle move didn’t fit, and I get that it was supposed to be a bit different, but like you gotta wrap that up in the end. Johnson left you all that wide open space, and instead we got JJ’s eight and nine in Skywalker. Except they weren’t fleshed out and why was Felicity even there? Ok, and Johnson’s ideas subverted our expectations and for some reason we really needed that, to the extent that our characters didn’t make just one bad choice, but simply lost their minds? Eh? I liked the “democratization of the force”. I liked that Luke made a bad choice. But you guys, Casino Planet was 40 minutes of my life I’m never getting back, and if Luke screwed up I’d like to think he’d try to fix his choice instead of just leaving the game all together opening the door real wide for the spin off series, “Luke, What He Did When He Wasn’t Helping Leia Rebuild The Republic, I Mean Hey, Maybe He’s saving Training Mara Jade But That’s Too Bad Cause’ Jacen Ben Solo Killed Her.” I don’t want to watch billion dollar movies and have them not be enough without eventual expanded content. I see what you did there. And it made for bad storytelling.

Were the movies fun to watch? Yes! Super fun! Some of the fight scenes were pure art. I liked Reylo – hush, just let me like them. But, Star Wars as a whole strives to be a tight story about one family and their fight against one dude. And it wasn’t as great as it could have been.

Me getting ready to exit my Chicago hotel room, and walk through the Hyatt lobby to C2E2. Reminding myself that there is nothing wrong with being blue.

Star Trek’s got room to breath, Star Trek can course correct. It doesn’t put all of its eggs into one plotline where imperfect choices can’t be ignored. Admittedly, I’m also just more attached to Star Trek. I watched Star Trek as a little kid, it was the one day a week I was allowed to stay up past 10pm. Plus I rock Andorian cosplay.

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