this week’s catch

First fish!

Second fish!

A really nice jelly fungus.

Yellow fish.

Mushroom hill and my dad. We must climb!

We made it. Hilltops are the best!!!

Gray fish. Seriously the only one found on the magnificent hilltop. 🤪

Got um home! Fryin’ um up soon!

It’s soon! Sautéed in butter with salt. You might judge me for this, but I am anti salt bath. Tons of people soak their morels in salt water to encourage the bugs to release…or drown and float…I guess? However, I find they change a bit after their soak and I usually don’t deep fry them so I try to keep the extra water to a minimum.

Instead, I use my faucet’s spray attachment to blast out the bugs. Then I dry them with paper towel and let continue to dry for an hour or so on the counter before cooking. Sometimes, I coat them in a little bit of bread crumbs first. I like Progresso Italian style, or Red’s seasoning for fish. NOM NOM

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