the ground lemon

Other things you find while morel hunting. The blossom of a mayapple, Podophyllum peltatum, also known as ground lemon. 4/18/21

This plant like, this plant… I get into so many arguments with hobby foragers about this plant. Like, if you’re not operating at a professional level, leave her alone. The roots especially are used for traditional medicine and the effects of consumption are not so pretty. It’s said you can expel worms with it. Ask our Google Overlord to tell you stories about plucky Millennials eating the fruit only to poison themselves because they didn’t do it exactly right. Because every part of this plant is toxic (except the less bothersome super ripe fruit) and they left the seeds in…even the seeds are toxic.

It has been known to cause human fatalities from ingestion and topical application.

Fun Fact: A recent clinical trial studied one of its extract’s effectiveness as a topical treatment for penile warts. NEAT

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