how do you like your eggs?


I don’t care how they are cooked, as long as they are all_the_way_cooked. I have never eaten a runny egg, nor will I ever.

You know those hot pots they break eggs in? If the restaurant can’t do it without the egg, I don’t get the food.

Do you enjoy eggs Benedict? I bet you do. Half the time I get it back from the fancy buffet only to find out the chef has clearly served me something raw, on a buffet no less. I mean how long has this THING been sitting around? I pass it to my mom, cause it’s Easter or Mother’s Day. She grew up in a barn, where they eat ANYTHING. It’s so disgusting I can’t watch.

I’m not eggaggerating my hate for undercooked eggs.

I do very much like fully cooked eggs.

The End.

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